Monday, 7 January 2013

7 january 2013

7 JANUARY 2013 is my first paper..
it is the first paper for the very last final exam as a degree student..
saja nak batak..mcm tak pernah sit exam..
bukan ape..
semester akhir la katakan...
excited terlebih sebab tak larat nak study dah..
padahal pulun study 2 3 hari before exam..
mcm pulun satu semester je shizuka ni...
tak lupa cik abg pon ada paper esok..
so,tomorrow evening i will be sitting for STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT paper..
n he sociology paper..err..i think so..
do pray for both of us..n also my friends...
chaiyok3! gambate! man jadda wajada!

p/s: 2:44am, 7/1/13

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